Coffee region tour – 3 days

The coffee region (around Manizales) is also known as the Tuscany of South America. Beautiful rolling hills dotted with coffee plants and in the background the peaks of the Los Nevados National Park.
Coffee region - 3 days

Coffee region - 3 days

Welcome to the Coffee region of Colombia; the Tuscany of South America

The coffee region (around Manizales) is one of the most beautiful regions in Colombia. It is also called the Tuscany of South America. Beautiful rolling hills dotted with coffee plants and in the background the peaks of the Los Nevados National Park. That’s what you will find in this stunning green place!

You will experience this coffee culture from up close! You have the opportunity to see the process of coffee cultivation from the beginning to the end. How special to learn about coffee and in the end make your own cup of coffee?! While doing all this, you are surrounded by the lovely coffee smells. They are all around you! There are countless beautiful coffee farms throughout the region.

Salento is a small colorful town where you are surrounded by a gorgeous valley with mountains and lots of greenery. The locals, especially the older men, mostly live on the streets. The relaxing ambiance of the little town makes you want to relax and soak up the sun as well. The small streets are full of shops, bars and restaurants. It gives this town the wonderful Colombian atmosphere! The people are very friendly and will do their best at all times to give you a fantastic stay. By the way, don’t forget to go to the viewpoint of Salento, because you will have an absolute stunning view over the Cocora Valley.

The Cocora Valley is located at 2400 meters altitude and is characterized by the beautiful tall palm trees and plant-covered valleys. The palm trees can grow up to 65m high and must be counted among the highest in the world. There Is so much tranquility, greenery, beautiful flora and fauna, rivers and waterfalls. Enjoy to the fullest, because the beauty is everywhere!

So, if you love coffee? Then this is your unique journey into the heart of Colombia where the coffee region is located. Let the delicious coffee smells come to you!


Day 1: Experience the world of coffee

  • Today you are about to learn everything about the world of coffee. You will be part of the entire process of making the coffee. During this beautiful and unique tour the expert will give you all his insight information about the making of the famous coffee. You might get some well kept secrets about the harvesting, washing and drying of the coffee. This day is marked by the smells, the making and the tasting of the coffee. A day full of pleasure and enjoyment!
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 Day 2: Salento & La Carbonera

  • Today you will visit the spectacular Cera; a forest full of wax palms. These palmtrees are HUGH! It is breathtaking to see the height of this beautiful palmtrees. For sure you have never seen trees as big as you will see today! High mountains, many unique species and beautiful flora and fauna characterizes this amazing area of Colombia. This stunning landscape is located at 3800 meters above sea level.
  • If you want to learn more about the local culture of the area, visit the ancient path that has been used for over 800 years by the indigenous tribes of the area. The tour will be done in a Jeep Willy’s, the traditional vehicle of this region.

 Day 3: Hot springs of Santa Rosa

  • Today your entire day is full of relaxation. You will visit the hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal. This beautiful area is surrounded by a lot of greenery, forests and a spectacular waterfall. Take a relaxing bath in the warm water today. Experience the feeling of de-stressing in this amazingly beautiful place. Live in the moment! Why? Because you can! This magical landscape asks for it!
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