Ciudad Perdida – 4 days

An impressive jungle trekking to the Lost City. It is an authentic and challenging journey in which you meet the Tayrona Indians and feel close to the beautiful and relaxing nature.
Ciudad Perdida Tour - 4 days

Ciudad Perdida Tour - 4 days

Welcome to Ciudad Perdida; impressive jungle trekking to the Lost City

If you like a challenge, this jungle trekking is something you might REALLY love!! It is a tough, but great journey of five days through the jungle to finally reach the Lost City. It’s an authentic experience, because on the way you will encounter different Tayrona Indians. Seeing the Indigenas, dressed in their white robes and hats, is truly a special experience. Comfort is not important these days! Completely back-to-basic, in which all the comforts no longer exist. You’ll have to wash yourself in the river, sleep in a hammock and 5 days of withdrawal from your phone. Discover how relaxed you become when you walk this journey. Feel close to the beautiful and relaxing nature. Five days completely sealed from the outside world is a liberating and unique experience!

Day 1: Santa Marta  – Ciudad Perdida

  • The departure will be from Santa Marta or Taganga. It depends on where you are staying at that time. Then we drive in shared jeeps to Mamey, a small village in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Where you will have lunch. From Mamey your beautiful experience will start.
  • After lunch you’ll start the 7,6 km hike to reach the first cabin “Adan o Alfredo ” Where you will spend the first night.
  • During this trekking, you will get the opportunity to swim in natural pools and refresh in the clean and pure water that comes straight from the mountain “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Dinner with all the smells, colors and sounds of the jungle will be a true experience.

Day 2: Perdida

  • Early departure, around 6 am, from the first cabin. Today you will have a 15 km hike ( 8 to 9 hours walking )
  • Lunch will be taken at the “Wiwa”camp and you will have free time to swim in the fresh water of the Buritaca river.
  • After lunchtime, you will follow the path passing through “Mutanyi”a small village inhabited by the local indigenous people called “Kogui” where the guide will give you explanations about there culture and traditions.
  • You will pass several Kogui villages. You will meet these indigenous families, living in their small houses, on your way. It is really special to see their ‘way of life’. During your walk you will encounter very friendly Kogui people and their always smiling and happy kids.
  • Then, you will continue the trek to the camp called “Paraíso Teyuna” where you will spend the second night. This camp is situated just 1 hour on foot from Ciudad Perdida.

Day 3: Ciudad Perdida

  • After breakfast we will start climbing the 1200 steps ( about 1 hour ) That lead to the highest terrace of the lost city.
  • Once there, a local guide will bring you plenty of information and details about the Tayrona culture and the architecture of this sacred place. You will get the opportunity to take a bath in a natural pool and enjoy the views.
  • After the visit, you will descent to “Paraíso Teyuna” where you will have lunch. After lunchtime, the trek continue to reach the “Wiwa” camp where you will spend the last night and where you will get a cultural exchange with the local people.

Day 4: Ciudad Perdida – Santa Marta

  • After a good breakfast you get ready for the return trip. The walk starts at 6:00 in the morning. The walk back will be the same route. ( About 8 hours )
  • During the trek you will you will have lunch and snacks. The jeep will be waiting for you to take you back to Santa Marta.

It is possible to do this trip in more days. 

It is important to have a good condition and perseverance.

You really like to walk the Ciudad Perdida tour, but you doubt if you can keep up the tempo and distance. It is still possible. We can customize your walk into 6 days.