Tour Caribbean Coast – 8 Days

This will be a wonderful 8-day tour along the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The combination of city, culture, relaxation, beach and nature is absolutely perfect!
Tour Caribbean Coast- 8 days

Tour Caribbean Coast- 8 days

Tayrona Park
Welcome to the Caribbean!

The main destinations of this wonderful 8-day trip through Colombia are Tayrona Park, Cartagena and Isla Mucura.This trip along the Caribbean coast gives you a combination of natural beauty and wonderful cultures. See, feel and discover are three keywords of this wonderful trip! This tour provides you with the perfect combination of city, culture, relaxation, beach and nature. A Caribbean experience you will never forget!!


Day 1: Cartagena
Day 2: Cartagena – Mucura
Day 3: Isla Mucura
Day 4: Medellin City Tour
Day 5: Mucura – Tayrona
Day 6: Cartagena – Tayrona Park
Day 7: Tayrona Park
Day 8: Tayrona Park

Day 1 – Cartagena

  • Arrival Cartagena
  • A beautiful tour on day 1! You are going to explore Cartagena. The most ancient city of the Caribbean. The old town is surrounded by a large city wall that also serves as a panoramic terrace with fantastic views of the Caribbean see. It is highly recommended to see a beautiful sunset at that place! Many residents of Cartagena sit on the city walls for a traditional ‘limonada de coco’ (coconut lemonade).
  • The visit to the historic old town starts with ‘Torre del Reloj’ (clock tower). This is the symbol of the old city of Cartagena.
  • The next stop is ‘Paseo de los Dulces’ (candy street). If you have read the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ you know it is written by the sadly deceased Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • Another highlight of the visit is the monastry of San Pedro de Claver, a Jesuit monk. This monk is defending the rights of African slaves and is known as the ‘slave of slaves’.
  • As we continue our walk, we arrive at the Museum of the Inquisition. Only the exterior of the building and the nice square next to it, is worth a visit. For those who want to look inside and learn about the torture really have to visit the museum.
  • The fortress of San Felipe de Barajas is the next stop. Its interesting history, the stunning views from above and many narrow tunnels are making this visit worthwhile.
  • The tour ends with a visit to a Jesuit monastery of La Popa. This monastery is towering above Cartagena.
  • Walk back to the hotel.

Day 2 – Cartagena – Isla Mucura

  • After an early breakfast at the hotel we drive to the marina in Cartagena. We go by fast boat (2 hours) to the island in the archipelago of San Bernardo. Mucura Island is a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and a fantastic blue sea. A small number of tourists is permitted on the island. It is a remote tropical paradise, far away from civilization
  • This day is dedicated to relaxation. Enjoy the sound of the sea, a fine cooled ‘coco loco’ and of course a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.
  • A lovely walk around the island is definitely recommended.
  • Included: Caribbean lunch and dinner

Day 3 – Isla Mucura

  • On this beautiful island you will relax and enjoy the tranquillity, the beaches and the sunshine. It is a REAL paradise!
  • Includes: breakfast, lunch en diner

Day 4 – Isla Mucura – El Islote

  • After a late breakfast, which is beautiful on this relaxing beautiful island, we go by boat to the island of El Islote.
  • Again a wonderful place to kick back and enjoy the beautiful paradise. It’s fun to take a look on the island, because this island is the most populated island in the world.
  • Back to the island Mucura for lunch.
  • The rest of the day is once again in relax-mode. Do your own thing, enjoy a book, drink delicious cocktails or whatever!
  • Includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5 – Isla Mucura – Cartagena

  • After breakfast the final moments on this beautiful paradise are there. We go by speed boat back to Cartagena.
  • The 4* hotel is located in the modern center of Cartagena.
  • Enjoy your free time today in Cartagena. Lucky you, because you won’t get bored in this colorful and vibrant Caribbean city. Everywhere you are and everywhere you look… It is all beautiful!

Day 6 – Cartagena – Tayrona Park

  • Early in the morning we leave to Tayrona Park. Yes!! Three days of complete relaxation in the most beautiful surroundings is on your program. Enjoy the lovely beaches and gorgeous nature!
  • A nice long walk through the amazing jungle of Tayrona Park is definitely recommended. Unique flora and fauna everywhere. Colored parrots, condors, 300 different species of birds, butterflies, monkeys, turtles and more!
  • A wonderful addition to this trip is meeting the Arhuaco Indians. You can observe them in their own primitive life, busy with their own work. Their traditional clothing and bags are very popular as a fashion item in Colombia (and increasingly beyond, for example in the Netherlands).
  • Cabo San Juan is a wonderful place to grab a bite, a drink and a dip in the sea. Huge stones, crystal blue water, green surroundings and complete tranquility is what defines this place.

 Day 7 – Tayrona Park

  • Today a stroll to the Indian village Pueblito is one of the possibilities. If you love history and prefer to see it in its purest form, then Pueblito is really a must-see for you.
  • Do you prefer another day of full relaxation at the beach? Yes, you can!!
  • Included: breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Ecohabs

Day 8 – Tayrona Park

  • Sad, but true! The wonderful 8 days in Colombia has come to an end. After a nice breakfast you go back to Santa Marta, where you can take a domestic flight (eg Bogota) or an international flight. Hopefully you enjoyed your stay in beautiful Colombia.