Caño Cristales – 4 days

Cano Cristales is a MUST-see when you visit Colombia. It is called the most beautiful river of the world. That is for a reason! Inside the river you can discover 5 different colours. Let this river enchant you!
Caño Cristales – 4 days

Caño Cristales – 4 days

Welcome to Caño Cristales: you’ve got to see this beautiful & colorful phenomenon!

Caño Cristales is called the most beautiful river in the world. For this reason alone it should be part of your journey in Colombia. It is something you don’t want to miss! The five different colors of the river are the most clear and beautiful during the months of June till late November. The Macarenia Clavijera, an aquatic plant found only in this region changes its color from green to bright red, depending on the amount of sun and oxygen it receives. White, black, yellow and other colors are formed by the water, the plants, the differences in depth and the currents of the river. The variety of rocks and holes on the bottom also gives the river its colors. It will be a great adventure to be around this beautiful river. That’s one thing for sure! To get to La Macarena, you will need a charter flight from 3 to 5 people. The journey to La Macarena will be a unique experience by itself. The standard package is based on four days, of which two full days will be spent close to the river. The two main branches of the river will be a central point. The tour is going to be great adventure, knowing that the river will have to be crossed several times. Traversing tropical vegetation, climbing and descending waterfalls will be among the activities. If you think four days is too long for you, it is also possible to make a three-day trip of it. These three days are the minimum amount of days for this beautiful Caño Cristales visit.

Day 1 – Bogotá – La Macarena

  • We come together at the airport El Dorado in Bogotà, from there we will take a charter flight to La Macarena.
  • The flight will take about an hour. The flat landscape of Los Llanos will proceed in a dense jungle of the Serrania de la Macarena. In clear weather the waterfall ‘Caño Canoas’ will be visible. In the plane there is plenty to see and to photograph.
  • In the afternoon we climb ‘El Mirador’. This is a rocky outcrop in the Serrania de La Macarena where you have beautiful views over the river and the Guayabero downstairs landscapes.
  • We spend the night in a hotel in the beautiful village of La Macarena.

Day 2 – Caño Cristales

  • Early in the morning we leave by boat to the Guayabero river and then using a 4 × 4 towards Caño Cristales.
  • After a short walk (about 30 minutes) we will arrive at Caño Cristales. Today we stay at the left side of the river and make a climb up to the waterfall ‘Los Pianos’.
  • We spend the night in La Macarena

Day 3 – Caño Cristales

  • Early in the morning we set off to the right arm of Caño Cristales. Again with a climb up we will see different beautiful places like ‘La Escalera’ and ‘Las Tablas de la Ley’. It will be another beautiful day with a lot of surprises and unique experiences.
  • After this active and exciting day we return to the village of La Macarena. This is the last night we spent in a hotel in the village. So take your time and use this beautiful night to refuel.

Day 4 – Caño Cristales – Bogotá

  • After a good night’s sleep and breakfast we return via Villavicencio back to Bogotá.
  • It is possible to make a boat trip across the river to the Guayabero ‘Raudal the Guayabero’ in the morning. This is not included, but very easy to book.