Roundtrip with kids – 16 days

Colombia is a wonderful country to travel in. This customized roundtrip is ideally suitable for children, because of the entertainment and challenging experiences which are included. Swimming, hiking, fishing and much more!
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Roundtrip with kids - 16 days

Roundtrip with kids - 16 days

Tayrona Park


Welcome to Colombia; enjoy a trip together with your family

Colombia is a wonderful country to travel in! What if you have children and you are planning to go to Colombia? Is this possible? Are there plenty of activities for kids to do in Colombia?

Of course! You children will have a BLAST! This wonderful tour is made for parents with children. You will enjoy a beautiful trip, which will offer something for everyone. Wonderfull cities, cute little villages, unique nature, challenging adventure, local experiences and wonderful beaches in the jungle.  This is a complete trip, but if you like to customize the trip to the needs of the whole family?  It is possible too.

Colombia is a gorgeous country to travel for you and your children!


Day 1: Arrival Bogotá

Day 2: City Tour Bogotá

Day 3: Villa de Leyva / Zipaquirá

Day 4: Villa de Leyva

Dag 5: Coffee Tour

Day 6: Cocora & Salento

Day 7: Adventure in the Coffeetriangle

Day 8: Free day in the coffee area

Day 9: Flight to Cartagena

Day 10: Fishing La Boquilla

Day 11: Volcano Totumo

Day 12: Free day Cartagena

Day 13: Transfer Tayrona Park

Day 14: Mochila workshop

Day 15: Free day Tayrona Park

Day 16: Tayrona Park / Home

Day 1: Arrival in Bogotá

  • You will be picked up by private transportation from the airport by a bilingual guide. You are then brought to a nice hotel in Bogotá. In the hotel you can enjoy relaxing time. Go to bed early, because tomorrow you will have an interesting and challenging day to come.
  • (- / – / -)

Day 2: City Tour Bogotá

  • On day 2 we are going on a nice city tour in Bogotá. We explore the historic city center with all its beautiful churches, government buildings, and the ‘Plaza Bolivar’. Of course we will also take a look at the famous gold museum ‘Museo del Oro’, the Esmeralda Museum and the Botero museum. View the beautiful works of famous Colombian artists. Search for the Mona Lisa, because she is there!
  • After an informative beginning of the day you definitely feel like a bit of adventure. We take the cable car to the top of the Monseratte. The view on top is breathtaking.
  • Take your time and enjoy Bogotá in the evening. Bogota has so much to offer. A walk alone will get you to the best spots, nice bars and cozy eateries
  • (B / – / -)

Day 3: Zipaquirá / Villa de Leyva

  • After a delicious breakfast at the hotel you will go to Villa de Leyva. Along the way you will make a stop at Zipaquirá. The Salt Cathedral is a church that is decorated in a salt mine. You will see a representation of the Cross of Jesus Christ. It is beautiful and special to see the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ.
  • After that you will go to Villa de Leyva. Discover the churches, the Spanish colonial buildings and the beautiful natural surroundings. This picturesque village has a cozy atmosphere with large windows, balconies and white facades. It is a magical and unique small village to enjoy a nice stroll.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 4: Sightseeing Villa de Leyva / Coffee Triangle

  • Villa de Leyva is a lovely village. Therefore it is beautiful to take full advantage of this spare time in the morning. A sightseeing tour around the village, accompanied by an English speaking guide, will be a wonderful closure to your time in Villa de Leyva.
  • In the afternoon you’ll be taken to the airport by private transport. You will fly to the coffee region of Colombia. At the airport is someone waiting for you. He is going to bring you to your finca by private transportation.
  • The Coffee Region is one of the most beautiful regions of Colombia. It is also called the Tuscany of South America. Beautiful rolling hills full of coffee plants and in the background the peaks of the national park Los Nevados.
  • The surroundings of the coffee region are breathtaking. Enjoy everything you see, take some rest and relax in your lovely finca.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 5: Coffee Tour

  • Today you are about to learn everything about the world of coffee. You will be part of the entire process of making the coffee. During this beautiful and unique tour the expert will give you all his insight information. You might get some well kept secrets about the harvesting, washing and drying of the coffee. This day is marked by the smells, the making and the tasting of the coffee. A day full of new information and enjoyment.
  • (B / – / -)

Dag 6: Cocora & Salento

  • Today you will visit the spectacular Cera; a forest full of wax palms. These palmtrees are HUGH! It is breathtaking to see the height of this beautiful palmtrees. For sure you have never seen trees as big as you will see today! High mountains, many unique species and beautiful flora and fauna characterizes this amazing area of Colombia. This stunning landscape is located at 3800 meters above sea level.
  • If you want to learn more about the local culture of the area, visit the ancient path that has been used for over 800 years by the indigenous tribes of the area. The tour will be done in a Jeep Willy’s, the traditional vehicle of this region.
  • A fun addition to the day is going to the viewpoint of Salento to experience a wonderful view over the Cocora valley with rolling hills, lots of green landscapes and hugh palmtrees.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 7 – Day full of adventure in the coffee area

  • A big breakfast is needed for a day like this! The day will be divided in three exciting adventures!
  • First choose for kayaking or rafting. Do you wish  lot of tension or maybe less tension? It is completely up to you. It is a special experience to interact with the Quindio river so close. You feel the splashes from all sides. Safety is very important, so the instructions will be explained in advance. You don’t have to be afraid one moment, because even with children, this tour is great!
  • The second adventure will be canopy today. Using a zip line to slide down. If you dare look around, because you have a beautiful view over the coffee plantations. A little speed and tension characterizes this second adventure. This canopy activity is done with professional guidance and resources ass well.
  • You adventurous day is going to end with a wonderful horseback ride through the green landscapes.
  • The guides provide you with additional information. You learn how to treat the horse, how to saddle the horse and all kinds of tricks while riding.
  • Optional: you travel with very young children and this day will be too exciting? Of course it is possible to adapt the amount of tnesion to your own wishes and needs.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 8: Free day Coffee Triangle

  • This day is free! So, do what you like! You never stand still here actually: there is always enough to do, to learn and to discover.
  • Optional: it is nice to go to the Parque del Café. It is a beautiful, adventurous and educational day in a green area full of coffee plantations. There is an amusement park for children with lots of fun and exciting attractions. Furthermore, there are dance shows, theaters and exhibits. If you are tired and don’t want to walk back to the exit? Take a cable car. Easy is that!
  • (B / – / -)

Day 9: Coffee region / Transfer Cartagena

  • Your last morning in the coffee region has come. After breakfast you will be picked up by private transportation before heading to the airport. Once at the Cartagena airport, there is someone waiting for you. You go again with private transport to the most colorful city of Colombia. You will be dropped off at your hotel to relax.
  • Enjoy the rest of the day in the colorful streets, the lovely squares, the restaurants and the wonderful South American vibes.
  • It is nice and hot in Cartagena, so if you feel like swimming in the sea, going to the beach, playing a game of football? Boca Grande Beach is a very nice option.
  • Optional: take a ride in a carriage. Especially when the night falls, this is a true experience.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 10 – Fishing with local fishermen

  • Today you are part of a fishing community in African Cartagena. It will be a fun day, especially for children, to learn how to make a fishing net and how to catch fish and crabs. You’re really part of the daily activities of these fishermen. You can ask them questions and help in the process. It is a day full of new information and challenges.
  • The fish will be prepared in a kitchen with the fishermen. Look closely at the preparation of the fish and coconut rice, because that is according to typical Colombian preparation.
  • After lunch there is time to relax at the beach. Enjoy the sun in a hammock, take a dip in the sea or play a game of beach football in the sand. It will be a lovely day. That’s for sure!
  • (B / L / -)

Day 11 – Volcano Totumo

  • After a pleasant night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast you go to the mud volcano. Cover yourself with all the dirty mud till your body is completely covered. Remember to make a picture! After 30 minutes, rinse yourself off and your skin feels reborn.
  • Especially for children this is a fun and messy experience.
  • La Boquilla is the next stop. This is a fishing village, where a local guide will take you in a wooden canoe into the Mangrove forests. The natural tunnels (Love and Happiness Tunnels) in Juan Polo Swamp are a special phenomenon to sail through.
  • At the end of the day, a typical fish dish with plantains is ready for you.
  • End the day with relaxing and sunbathing.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 12: Free day in Cartagena

  • Feel free to explore Cartagena by yourself. There are lots of things to do.
  • If you like to plan something already? Please let us know, so we can plan you a beautiful day in Cartagena with you.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 13 – Free morning in Cartagena – Transfer Tayrona Park

  • After breakfast and your last hours in Cartagena, you will be heading to Tayrona Park. Yes!! Three days of complete relaxation in the most beautiful surroundings is on your program. Enjoy the lovely beaches and gorgeous nature!
  • A nice long walk through the amazing jungle of Tayrona Park is definitely recommended. Unique flora and fauna everywhere. Colored parrots, condors, 300 different species of birds, butterflies, monkeys, turtles and more!
  • A wonderful addition to this trip is meeting the Arhuaco Indians. You can observe them in their own primitive life, busy with their own work. Their traditional clothing and bags are very popular as a fashion item in Colombia (and increasingly beyond, for example in the Netherlands).
  • Cabo San Juan is a wonderful place to grab a bite, a drink and a dip in the sea. Huge stones, crystal blue water, green surroundings and complete tranquility is what defines this place.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 14: Workshop making a Mochilabag

  • After a lovely night in the jungle and a nice breakfast in this green oasis you are going to do something quite unique. A Mochila workshop is on your program. A Mochila is a bag that is worn across Colombia. By both men and women. The bags are made by the indigenous tribes of Colombia. From generation to generation the art and knowledge is transferred. You will learn the tricks of the trade.
  • The rest off the day will be full of enjoying nature. Nice beaches, long walks, snorkel in the colorful underwater world of Tayrona Park or enjoy the tranquility of your own cozy cabin in the middle of the jungle.
  • (B / – / -)

Day 15: Free day in Tayrona Park

  • In Tayrona Park there is no planning needed. Everything is wonderful; the landscapes, the enormous stones and the beautiful beaches. What more could you wish for?
  • Optional: horseback riding in Tayrona Park / Pueblito (Tayrona Park is named after the Tayrona Indians, the ancient inhabitants of this area. Various Tayrona ruins can be visited in the park “El Pueblito”. It is a longwalk, but… will be worth it! You feel the Tayrona community even when you walk around. 
  • (B / – / -)

Day 16: Tayrona Park / Home

  • Unfortunately this is your last day in Colombia. After a final breakfast in the jungle you are going to Santa Marta airport to then fly to Bogota.
  • From Bogotá you fly back to the Netherlands. Hopefully this trip gave you everything you have hoped for!? And perhaps much more!?
  • (B / – / -)