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Exploring Colombia can offer you a wide range of beautiful tours, group trips and packages tours. We want you, our traveler, to be 100% satisfied with your chosen trip to Colombia. We offer the possibility to customize your trip fully to your wishes!

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Exploring Colombia has made a careful selection of the most authentic and unique tours in Colombia. You’ll get to see Colombia in its purest form. Meeting the Colombian people in their beautiful culture is our top priority.

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Colombia in 1 week

Get to know some of the highlights of Colombia in just 1 week.
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What others are saying

Exploring Colombia, we had such a nice holiday in Colombia! Thank you for all your help and straight communication!
Our Caribbean trip was really PERFECT! We never saw such a beautiful city like Cartagena! We want to go back very soon !! Gracias por todo!!
Michael Smith
Colombia, the magical country of South America!!

Discover the most biodiverse country of the whole world in one beautiful trip. Colombia has so much to offer; Andean mountains, glaciers, plains, Amazonian jungles, Caribbean and Pacific Coasts, colonial places and much more! It will leave you speechless all the time. Let Colombia amaze you with all it’s culture, it’s beaches, it’s friendly people, it’s beautiful nature, flora and fauna and above all the vibrant atmosphere! Colombia has it all! Exploring Colombia offers you the best chosen trips you can imagine. We have lived and travelled all around the country and that’s why we can offer you high service and customized packages according to your preferences. Our goal is to make your trip amazing & unique!

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